A tunnel in the Hold

The Hold is the underground home of Gold Tooth's rebels.


Originally an abandoned sewage-way, the Hold was accidentally discovered by Felix Navas and his brother, Juan Navas. It is located under the South island of Daleport and serves as a place of refuge for the injured as well as orphans and homeless people. For people who want to stay and aid in the rebellion, it becomes their home as well as their base of operations.


The Hold is situated under a large bridge and can be entered via a manhole. Inside, it holds a tunnel system leading into what would've been various control rooms to monitor the sewers. These have been turned into bedrooms or other places of purpose, such as a med bay, eating hall and wash room. The central part of the Hold, called the Sanctum, is one of the few places where natural light can be seen. It also contains holding cells where supplies would've been kept. The walls and floors are made of dark grey stone, which is usually damp or wet. Rusty pipes line the ceilings and walls and makeshift wooden doors have been made to maintain a sense of civilization and protection for the children.

Known InhabitantsEdit

Gold Tooth

Lisa Petrov


Felix Navas

Anya Petrov

Max Ryans

Melody Rogan



Hadley James