"I'm so adamant on keeping secrets that I'm even keeping them from myself."

Lieutenant Serena Vane is an agent of Admiral Donovan's special forces.

Serena Vane
Gender Female
Age 24
Nationality American
Hair Colour Blonde (Light)
Eye Colour Blue
Notable Partner(s) None

Early LifeEdit

Serena trained with Felix Navas under the same mentor, and ascended to the rank of lieutenant under Admiral Donovan some time after his and Kerry Rogan's desertion. Little is known about her life out of uniform, but she mentions that even she, a 'hold-hearted agent', has people she loves.


Serena is described as sly, cold, cunning and manipulative, when in reality she is fairly helpful, resourceful and tactical. The persona she puts on when in uniform is different to her regular self. She notes that Robert Day's chancellorship is 'a tricky one', suggesting that she doesn't necessarily agree with it. This is solidified when she takes Roseanne Day's side and pays the price, knowingly giving up her own freedom in order to save Navas.


Serena has a striking face, cream skin, highly arched eyebrows and an unbroken curtain of silver-blonde hair. She has narrow icy blue eyes and permanently wears a faint smirk etched on her mouth. According to Roseanne Day, she rarely shows any emotion.