"What kind of nurse will I be if I can’t handle myself?"

Roseanne Laurie Day is a the central protagonist of Ransom, the daughter of Daleport's chancellor, Robert Day.

Roseanne Day
Gender Female
Age 18
Nationality American, 1/4 French
Hair Colour Blonde (Dark)
Eye Colour Green
Notable Partner(s) Felix Navas, Lawrence Donovan

Early LifeEdit

Roseanne was born to Caroline Day (nee Laurie) and her husband, Robert Day. From a young age, Roseanne was raised on etiquette and manners. She spent most of her childhood being surrounded by wealthy politicians, socialites and business partners. As a result, most of her life was sheltered. She was forbidden to read any newspapers, magazines, articles or other forms of media, seemingly for her own protection. When her father became chancellor, Roseanne saw it as a necessity to be kind to his loyal supporters, and described herself as "naive, ignorant and blind". Still, she remained sweet at heart, only growing curious when she entered adulthood.


Roseanne is kind, gentle and honest. Despite her originally passive and peaceful nature, Roseanne grows into a strong,independent young woman who shows bravery on several occasions and cares deeply for those affected by her father's leadership. She is sometimes blinded by her loyalty, as is the case with both her father and the rebels. Roseanne's willingness to give up everything for those she cares about, including her own free will and independence, makes her a committed, if somewhat reckless, friend and ally.


Roseanne is firstly introduced as a well presented young girl with dark blonde hair, narrow green eyes and light golden skin. She identifies herself as being "plain", and only dressed in pretty things as oppose to being pretty herself. Throughout the novel, Roseanne's appearance changes dramatically.

Roseanne in the Hold

She cuts her hair to her jaw, gains dark red circles under her eyes and loses a considerable amount of weight. She also gains a large, deep scar on her arm, though this is later corrected. Despite being styled and made up after her time in the Hold, Roseanne still maintains a sullen appearance.