"I don't plan on being the chancellor who gets overthrown by mutts."

Robert Johnathon Day is Daleport's chancellor and the main antagonist of Ransom.

Robert Day
Gender Male
Age Early 50s
Nationality American
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Grey
Notable Partner(s) Caroline Day

Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Robert's life before the events of Ransom other than he was born into a politically strong family and had numerous connections in the government. He was engaged to his wife Caroline for "political purposes", however it is hinted that their marriage was a cover up for Caroline's unexpected pregnancy. According to his daughter, Roseanne Day, he married Caroline out of honour as opposed to love.


Robert is described as being power-hungry, greedy, ruthless, arrogant and selfish. He is willing to risk almost anything for power and his position as chancellor. Despite his true nature, he is immensely popular with the public, mainly because the majority of his votes come from the North and West islands, who have benefited greatly from his leadership. He ignores poverty, showing that he is cold and heartless. He is regarded as a powerful ally but a venomous enemy.


Robert has an "important presence" and a strong influence on those around him. He holds himself with an air of superiority, even in the company of his family. He has blonde hair, usually gelled back, and strong, rigid posture. His grey eyes narrow like a snake's and he has artificially white teeth. When he was younger he was extremely handsome, with a devilishly charming smile.