Orton Avenue

Orton Avenue is the designated home of Daleport's chancellor.


Orton Avenue is located on the North island of Daleport and is named after the first chancellor, Dylan Orton, who was fascinated with art and architecture. As a result, Orton Avenue is a luxurious city mansion that is seen as the pinnacle of Daleport's economic and political culture.


Orton Avenue is fenced off from the rest of Daleport, with its own extending driveway, outdoor fountain and high gates. It is usually patrolled by security guards 24/7, and is a large, beautiful home with white pillars and large black doors. The interior is lavish and expensive, with "over a dozen bedrooms, parlours and sitting rooms". It is cleaned by maids and overseen by guards. It is also home to butlers, cooks and other members of staff.