"All of us fight, but it’s only ever a matter of time."

Melody Rogan is an acting nurse at the Hold.

Melody Rogan
Gender Female
Age 20
Nationality African-American
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Notable Partner(s) None

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Melody's childhood. She arrived at the Hold with her twin sister, Kerry Rogan, who was naturally more outspoken and outgoing than her, because of an injury. They agreed to stay as Kerry fell in love with Felix Navas. After a while, Navas and Kerry decided to join the police force together. When Melody was left at the Hold, she took up a position in the med bay with their doctor, Theo. When Navas returned and told everyone what had happened to Kerry and how Robert Day outright ignored their poverty, Melody became reclusive towards him and spent time busying herself by bringing in more and more patients.


Melody is kind, sweet and gentle. As a nurse, she cares for almost anyone and everyone in the Hold. She is polite, if a tad shy, and gets along with most people. Unlike Lisa and Bruce, she held no initial hostility towards Roseanne Day. In fact, the two are very similar in characteristics. They believe in love and understanding, gentleness and compassion as oppose to violence and dispute.


Melody has dark skin, black hair and deep brown eyes. She has a youthful, kind face with gentle features and a warm smile. She appears much younger than her actual age of twenty, with the sweetness and innocence of a young girl as oppose to a fully-fledged adult.