"It's not about you. It's about your father."

Captain Lee Yang is an agent of Daleport's Special Forces under Sergeant Donovan.

Lee Yang
Gender Male
Age 31
Nationality Japanese
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark
Notable Partner(s) None

Early LifeEdit

Lee was born into a fairly privileged family, with his father being a major partner of the McMillan Shipping Company (or MSC). Refusing to inherit his business, Lee joined Daleport's military in order to 'pay the debt' his father owed the city, while his sister, Lucy, was named his successor. At some point, their mother died of cancer. After being promoted to the Special Forces, Lee ascended to the role of Captain.


After joining the military, Lee became 'stricter and tougher', being a harsh commander before being promoted into the special forces. He is well respected and extremely intelligent, and is protective of his allies and the few people he considers friends. He can appear bitter and cold, often ignoring the wants of others in order to fulfil a task. He is a ruthless, sole-survivor leader, but this does not mean he agrees with Robert Day's policies.


Lee is a Japanese man with black hair and a small neck tattoo. He is over six feet tall and usually ties his hair back into a ponytail. He is described by Roseanne as being "handsome, but the sort of handsome that could get you killed". He has a defined, muscular physique and a scar on his upper abdomen. He usually wears black and has an 'alert' posture.