"She was determined to, you know, protect herself."

Kerry Rogan was Melody Rogan's twin sister and an orphan in the Hold.

Kerry Rogan
Gender Female
Age 18 (Deceased)
Nationality African-American
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Notable Partner(s) None

Early LifeEdit

Kerry was said to get in a lot of fights when she was younger. She came with Melody to the Hold after sustaining an injury, but stayed after falling in love with Felix Navas. At some point, the two decided to join the police force, ascending to Admiral Donovan's special forces, but became deserters after being exposed to Robert Day's leadership. They organised a stint in order to appear MIA, but were caught. After quickly editing Felix's profile, Kerry stole his gun and shot the elevator controls once he was inside, proceeding to kill herself in order to give Felix enough time to escape.


Through her actions, it can be presumed that Kerry was selfless, loyal and brave. She was extremely athletic and savvy. However, it can also be said that she was reckless, boisterous and violent. She was said to be more outgoing, brash and confrontational than her sister.


Being identical to Melody, Kerry had black hair, dark skin and deep brown eyes. Melody says that despite being identical, Kerry had a more fearsome, dominant look about her.