"I can’t carry you out of battle, but I can sure as hell create something that’ll save your life."

Hadley James is an orphan living in the Hold.

Hadley James
Gender Female
Age 14
Nationality American
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Grey
Notable Partner(s) None

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Hadley's childhood before the Hold. It is hinted at that she was abandoned there because she was a product of rape and her mother couldn't provide for her anymore.


Hadley is boisterous, excitable, enigmatic and hyperactive. She enjoys tinkering with various objects, be it a cereal box or video camera. She has a knack for creating everything out of anything.

Hadley outside of the Hold

Though sometimes her overactive brain causes her to appear carefree and oblivious, her true, more mature nature comes out in times of tragedy or crisis. 90% of the time, she is extremely childish and silly, but shows rare glimpses of a girl forced to grow up too quickly.


Hadley is a young girl with light blonde hair that sticks out in every direction. She nearly always wears a pair of goggles around her neck and thick brown gloves. She is fairly short and skinny, even for her age, and has grey eyes that can appear "stormy" when she's angry.