"There’s no sentimentality in punishment."

Felix Reyes Navas is a rebel of the Hold and a former agent of Admiral Donovan's special forces.

Felix Navas
Gender Male
Age 22
Nationality Spanish
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Notable Partner(s) Roseanne Day

Early LifeEdit

Felix and his brother Juan Navas were born to a gambler father and a poor mother. From a young age, they were abandoned by their father and left with his debt, which they could not pay off. As a result, Juan was continuously assaulted. After their mother died, Navas became Juan's guardian. At the age of eight, Navas killed one of Juan's attackers, leading to them discovering what would soon become the Hold. Navas also rescued Gold Tooth from a fire and invited him, Anya and Lisa to live in the abandoned sewage-way with him and his brother. However, Juan soon died and Navas was left alone. He was forced to grow up extremely quickly, and found himself void of any purpose. He left to join the police force with Kerry Rogan and they were admitted to the special forces, where Navas trained with Serena Vane, among others. Kerry killed herself in order to save him when they tried to leave the special forces after discovering Robert Day's dismissal of poverty in Daleport. After Kerry's death, Navas fled back to the Hold to inform the others of Robert's true nature.


Navas is fairly sarcastic, cocky and impatient. Due to his rough upbringing, he has a hard outer shell and rarely expresses his feelings and as a result can appear cold, seemingly careless and stoic. However, in reality, he cares deeply for those around him and is unmistakably loyal and protective.

Navas and Roseanne reunited

He has a soldier's mindset, not being oblivious to violence and the extent some people are willing to go to get what they want. He can be empathetic, but says he finds it difficult to convey his emotions.


Navas is described as having messy black hair, brown eyes, olive skin, a long, lean body and birds tattooed on his collar bones. He is a foot taller than Roseanne, and holds an air of authority about him despite his young age. He appears relaxed, unaffected and has an easy presence about him, as if he cares little about what else is going on. According to Max Ryans, he has a face that's asking to be punched. Some of the women in the Hold refer to him as a "puppy" and treat him like their son, suggesting that he has boyish charm or childish mannerisms.