Daleport is the city in which Ransom is set.


Daleport is a large grey matrix of industrial and business buildings, originally built to house over population and immigrants. However, its population grew too quickly and the American government was forced to grant it independence as a city-state. It was assigned a chancellor a few years after being built off the coast of Southern America.


Daleport is around eight years old, and is thus a particularly young society. It has housed six chancellors, with the most recent being Robert Day. Despite being built for good, honest purposes, its singular government has been corrupted over the years.


Daleport consists of four main islands, separated by tunnels or bridges. They are all connected by modern tram systems and are referred to as North, South, East and West, with North and West primarily serving as the "leisure islands" where the high class citizens live. The South and East house the poorer citizens, with the South island being shrouded in poverty and a lack of authoritarian influence. The East island contains artificial food farms and the McMillan Docks, as well as medical research facilities run by the LMF. The North is home to Orton Avenue, the home of the chancellor, as well as the House of Law and the prestigious Hiller Hall. The Penalty Building, a holding-prison for Daleport's most notorious criminals and the base of operations for the Admiral's special ops, is located on the West island.