"I’ll see it done right, Robert, especially for you."

Caroline Cheyenne Day (nee Laurie) is the wife of Daleport's chancellor, Robert Day, and the mother of Roseanne Day.

Caroline Day
Gender Female
Age 40s
Nationality 1/2 American, 1/2 French
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Green
Notable Partner(s) Robert Day

Early LifeEdit

Caroline was born to Edmont Laurie and Annie Fletcher. Growing up, she was an only child, much like her future husband. She was spoiled and treasured from a young age, but was brought up extremely strictly. She was an intelligent young girl, but was restricted from pursuing her own career path. Instead, she was raised to place value on discipline and manners. As such, she was engaged to budding politician, Robert Day, in order to ensure her family's political dominance. It is hinted that she and Robert engaged in an informal affair before being betrothed, and that their engagement may have been staged to cover up Caroline's pregnancy.


Caroline is focused solely on politics and success. She is an obedient, submissive wife and a strict mother. She follows orders without hesitation, and can be venomous when pursuing what she wants. Most of the time, her goals follow her husband's. For example, when Robert decided not to tell the public about their daughter's kidnapping, Caroline was quick to agree to the idea. She is sly, manipulative and haughty, only associating herself with "proper women" of high standing. She is also said to be deeply religious, and believes that God will forgive her for any sins she has committed.


Caroline has brown hair, green eyes and a thin, bony frame. She dresses well, with expensive clothing and jewelry. She almost always wears a silver cross necklace which she has had since before Roseanne was born. She shows some signs of aging, with her wrinkles around her eyes and mouth becoming deeply apparent when she speaks.