"I’m not anyone's chess piece."

Anya Petrov is a member of the Hold and Gold Tooth's daughter.

Anya Petrov
Gender Female
Age 19
Nationality 1/2 American, 1/2 Russian
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark
Notable Partner(s) Max Ryans

Early LifeEdit

Anya was born to Gold Tooth (real name Roman Petrov) and an unnamed American woman. According to Anya, her mother was extremely beautiful, but believes she didn't inherit any of her kindness or serenity. She lived in an alley shack with her father and aunt, Lisa Petrov, before it was burned down and they were rescued by Felix Navas and taken to what would become the Hold. It is unknown what happened to her mother, but it can be presumed that she is dead.


Anya is determined on being completely independent and as a result can appear indifferent and judgmental. She observes situations as oppose to jumping straight in, and takes a cautious approach to most things. She can appear harsh and heartless, even ruthless when pushed, but defends those she trusts or those who share the same motives as her. Underneath her calculating exterior, there is a kinder young woman.


Anya has bronzed skin, black hair and a sharp profile. She also has dark eyes and tattoos that run all the way up her arms. She is fairly athletic and tall, being much taller than Roseanne and almost as tall as Max.